Butterflies in the Garden


Things have been very busy here at Texas Air Doctors!

  • First of all, we began using a new CRM software program in February and it was my responsibility to teach the office how to use it
  • We were invited to become a preferred provider for The Home Depot and I am serving as the liaison as we begin our relationship with them
  • I’ve had to get prepared for The Home Depot training program in Las Vegas (I know, I know, its hard work but someone has to do it.)

So as you can see, I have a reason my blog is tardy.


For this blog, I attended “Butterflies in the Garden” in Fort Worth’s Botanic Garden. I went with my friend Lisa and her sons Avery and Isaac.


Over 10,000 butterflies were released into the Green House Conservatory for this occasion. It strains my imagination to understand how these beautiful creatures can be cultivated from egg to adulthood so that their beauty is available to dazzle our vision all at the same time. The green house is kept warm and they use fruit, such as aging watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapples, to keep the butterflies happy and healthy.


The butterflies at “Butterflies in the Garden” are not only from the United States, but from Central and South America also. One of the most amazing things is that they will land on your finger! It’s amazing as the just sit there and flutter.

Lisa’s son Isaac is only three-years-old and initially he ran from the butterflies as they approached him but he got better. Avery, on the other hand, was intent on studying the differences between the kinds of butterflies. He became very excited as a “Giant Swallowtail” butterfly and “Emperor” or “Blue Morpho” butterfly landed on my finger. I also got up close and personal with a “Postman” butterfly.


I learned, with sorrow that the butterfly that I grew up knowing, the “Monarch” is in a state of decline. This beautiful orange and black icon only lays its eggs on milk weed plants and cultivation of food crops has diminished milk weed growth by over 21% since 1995. If you want to encourage the continued populace of the Monarch, experts are encouraging us to grow milk weed in our home landscapes.


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