Ron’s Corner Tavern

Nestled in the corner of a shopping center on Airport Freeway, alongside several other bars and restaurants, in the far back corner of the parking lot is Ron’s Corner Tavern.

They’re next to Big Shots, which is a pool hall, and a little further down the ways is Toadies’.

Three things make Ron’s Corner Tavern special:

One is the fact that they are the only NON-SMOKING bar in Bedford, that I’m aware of.

Two, they have a diverse collection of beer!

Three, they have a fire pit on their patio to help keep you warm on the chilly spring nights.

Ron’s will celebrate their thirdyear on May 4th, and I am sure they’ll have an exotic party!

I met with Jesse, the manager. He and most of the eight-member staff have been there since day one, except for Nancy one of the bartenders, but she’s been there almost a year. The entire staff at Ron’s is outgoing and function as one big family.

Jesse told me the story of the owner’s Uncle Ron. It seems that after Ron retired, he travelled around Europe sampling many beers and starting a huge collection of cans. His can collection now fills the Tavern encased by glass, on display throughout the tavern, even covering a whole back wall. There is a collection of beer coasters that cover the bar, each different from the next.

While looking at the cans, it appeared that they’d never been opened. I asked Jesse, and he chuckled at my question and showed me the secret to collecting beer bottles – open them on the bottom to pour the beer into a glass, leaving the bottle in pristine condition!

Ron’s Corner Tavern is a gift to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area, allowing customers to stay in their hometown to taste a variety of different beers, instead of having to drive to Dallas or Fort Worth. It seems that every beer you could possibly want to taste is here. They have about 31 different kinds of beer on-tap and other beers and ciders in bottles and cans. The Draft selection is changed frequently, since when one keg goes empty, a different keg comes in. You have new choices all the time!

All of the employees at Ron’s Corner Tavern is are “Certified Beer Servers,” and passionate about beer. So, when you need help finding that new beer, wanting to experiment, or just new to beer, the amazingly friendly staff is there to help you to find the right fit.

I’m a picky beer drinker and I’m devoted to my Miller Lite; so, I assumed it would be a challenge for Jesse to find the beer for me. NOT – it took him about two samples to find the taste that that I loved. He selected an Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, a tart refreshing beer brewed with sea salt and coriander and featuring Blood Oranges. It was unlike anything I had tasted before and was just right!

All of their beers are domestic and some are from local breweries like the Deep Ellum Brewery in Dallas.

A few days later, I returned with some non-smoking friends wanting to get their opinion of Ron’s. They weren’t aware of a non-smoking bar here either.

We sat outside near the fire pit and looked over the Beer Menu (that’s right, the Beer Menu is all by itself), we ordered some appetizers to go with our drinks. I went with my Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, they selected the Community Public Ale.

The food soon followed – nachos, cheese fries, and fried avocado. The food tonight was prompt and delicious, as usual! On my previous visit I ordered a thin crust Pesto Pizza and it perfection!

With more places like Ron’s Corner Tavern and Bizzi’s Bistro popping up around Bedford, I know there will be more excellent places to come to Bedford.

If you are one of those beer connoisseurs who wonder how Ron’s stacks up to the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth, my opinion is that it is LOADS better! Got the variety and it’s close to home..

Oh! By the way, Wednesday night is “Pint Night” where you get to try a new special beer every week and Thursday night is “Live Music Night,” which is something you can’t turn down when you’re sitting by the fire.

Ron’s Corner Tavern is a great secret in Bedford, not too many people know about it because it’s tucked in the corner, but you might agree that it is best bar in Bedford!


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One comment

  1. Taylor · March 18, 2016

    Can’t wait to get out there and try some craft brews. Thanks for always keeping us informed on the hip joints around town.


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