Bedford Tree Lighting

I’m a resident of Bedford, and I knew I couldn’t miss this tree lighting! I had my nine-year-old companion, Avery with me and we were off for our adventure!

The events started at the Bedford Public Library, where they had cookie decorating, storytelling, coloring, and movies! What more could you ask for? We were greeted by everyone in the Library in their best reindeer costume, and there were so many options on what to do! Cookie decorating, coloring, storytelling, movie watching, even the Mayor was going to come and read a story!


I asked Avery, what was the first thing he wanted to do, and he was already thinking with his stomach and took me straight to the cookie decorating. There were so many options to put on your cookies! So many different colors of sprinkles, mints, candy, and of course frosting. From there, we did a little bit of coloring, mine was a snowman and a train, Avery chose ornaments which he later gave to me so we could cut out and hang them. He quickly caught the eye of a movie playing in the next room, and that was the next place he wanted to go!

It started to get later, and then it was time for the Hay Ride that would take us up to Old Bedford School, in 1915 they built this two story brick schoolhouse and was used for many students through the 1950s and was used until 1969. Now it is used for special events like weddings, tours, and of course, the Tree Lighting. There was a lit path leading up to the Old Bedford School for those who didn’t want to wait on the hay ride, but we both really wanted to have a hay ride.


Old Bedford School House

Slowly it was our turn, the tractor came around and we hopped on back the lit trainer, and enjoyed our ride up to the Old Bedford School, which too our surprise was lit up in blue lights, decorated to every detail. The outside had blue trim, blue windows, and a Christmas wreath down the middle all in blue. It was quite a vision. Along the ride, we could see all the activities that were taking place: a bounce house, a tent with Charlie Brown playing, which was also the snack and arts station, a train ride, local students performing, and even an ice scultpurist hard at work! Learning after our last outing together at Sundance Square, we knew that the first place we were going to go was to get hot chocolate. I stood in line for hot chocolate, while Avery worked hard on a wreath, and to my surprise there were even donutholes from Shipley’s Do-Nuts , which has been in Bedford for as long as I could remember! Hot chocolate and donut holes are the perfect combination, so much so Avery had to go back and get more donuts while I watched the gentleman sculpture ice. He was using a chainsaw and working with such ease on the block of ice.

Then the tree was lit! What a magnificent tree, it just glowed so brightly I was astonished by the sparkling star on top, the tree had an extensive amount of lights and decorations. Candy canes were lit around part of the tree, it was like something out of Santa’s Village! Avery and I just stood next to each other in awe over the Bedford’s Christmas Tree, it was quite sight.

Bedford’s Animal Shelter was also out there, with pets to adopt and a huge inflated husky decorated for Christmas! There were so many lights to be seen, Santa and his reindeers, even the flag post was decorated and stood tall. It was starting to get kind of chilly and we went to stood by the fire to get warm. Avery was so excited about the lights, “Deda,” he said. “Can we see more Christmas lights?”

I looked down at him next to the fire pit, I knew there was an area in town, over by Glennbrook Homes off of Meadowside and Brookside. That was going to be our next stop!


At first we drove around, looking at beautiful nativity scenes and decorations, but then we stumbled upon the crème de la crème of homes!

These lights were marvelous! There were arches full of lights, I saw others pulled over to the side getting out and taking pictures. “Do you think this is the place, Avery?” I asked him eagerly. He was ready to get out and explore this beautiful home full of lights. Everytime you walked through there was more and more to see! Reindeers waiting for Santa, candy canes, polar bears, snowmen, even a mailbox that opened and closed! This was truly Santa’s Village with every detail memorable and precise.


Avery was so excited, running through the little pathways finding more and more things we didn’t see the first time. We found Santa Claus standing next to a cactus, I think Santa finally arrived in Texas. Christmas presents were glowing, the pathways were covered in white to look like snow. There were nutcrackers, even a cowboy snow man with a hat and huge belt buckle waving “Howdy” to us. But, we had to continue on our drive through the area to see what else there was. Avery was disappointed to go, but so happy to run through the Village of Lights! We discovered Palm Trees, houses decked out from their roof to their bushes. Then it was time to go home. L


I was filled with Christmas joy and happiness, seeing all those lights really got me in the Christmas spirit and makes me want to put lights out! Christmas Lights have always been my favorite part of the season and it was wonderful to share that with my companion, Avery.


I highly recommend checking out the Glennbrook Homes! This is their 25th Anniversary of decorating Christmas Style, and they know how to illuminate a night! There are extra pictures below! There so more than enough to take.


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