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When starting this blog, I asked around to quite a few people, “Where’s the best place in town to get cakes?” Almost everybody said, “Hot Chocolates!”

After going to their website ( it said that their brick and mortar store had been closed since March, but under the guidance of the Texas Cottage Food Law, it made it legal to sell baked goods from home.

Being curious about the rave reviews so many people told me, I hopped on Facebook and saw the creative designs: one was built like a construction zone, having the tow trucks and cranes collect candy, the one that caught my eye the most was a cake with a Crayola crayons box on it filled with 64 crayons and had a few laying out on the cake. It was amazing to see what kind of creativity and designs could come from one person and I knew I had to meet Becky!



Hot Chocolates has been around since 2002, that’s thirteen years!

Becky did not start out as baker, she earned her degree in restaurant and hotel management from Texas Tech, but when she met her future business partner, who had worked at bakeries while in college, their friendship was instantaneous and they started cooking together. First just dinners, then cakes until finally they decided to start their own business – Hot Chocolates!

Becky enrolled in a baking class so she could get the basics down, then expanded to decorating and let her creativity shine.

She and her business partner leased a space and ran their bakery next to the Mardel’s Bookstore in the Mayfair shopping center, on highway 26 in Hurst, for about five years, and had another brick & mortar storefront, beforehand for five years as well..

Then the lease was up.

Becky’s business partner decided to pursue other interests, but Becky still had the passion to bake, so she moved the business to her home. She prepares her cakes in her kitchen and has converted a bedroom to a dedicated cake decorating studio! I think decorating is where she shines.

Working on her own she gets the chance to expand her knowledge and experience by doing all the designs herself instead of having a helper! She does more than just cakes though, she does cupcakes, cookies, brownies and .. .. Gosh, if it is baked, she does it.

Besides chocolate or vanilla, you can choose from over 50 other cake flavors including Pink Champagne and Italian Cream.



If you have special dietary requirements, she also makes gluten free and sugar free cakes.

When you’re ready to order your cake, she needs two weeks’ notice, due to being the only person doing all of the work and baking between seven to ten cakes a week!

How do I get my cake if she bakes from home? Becky offers curbside pickup from her home. You don’t even have to get out of the car!

Meeting Becky was such a pleasure and it was great to get to know her, but she sweetened the meeting by bringing me a treat, four delicious cupcakes! I brought them back to the Texas Air Doctor’s office for everyone to sample: two chocolate and two vanilla cupcakes. I chose the vanilla cupcake with sprinkles on it, it was moist and fluffy and decorated pretty. The frosting was just right! Not too much, and not super sweet, just the most splendid cupcake I have ever ate. And I think everyone in my office agrees, as well.DSCN0215.JPG

Hot Chocolates is definitely a wonderful and tasty place to order a cake for your next celebration. Becky is an amazing baker and cake decorator and it will make your special occasion even more special! I highly recommend that you give her a call at 817-282-9400 when you’re looking for a creative cake that is outside of the box. You’ll be both filled and fulfilled.


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