Southlake Tree Lighting




I have never been to a tree lighting before, so I decided to go to the Southlake Town Square Tree Lighting. Town Square is so huge, it is easy to get lost in there. I went on line and looked to see where to park, and there were lots of options! Not knowing the Southlake Town Square very well, I parked over by Trader Joe’s and headed off to my adventure!

All of the events, from parking to getting a picture with Santa is FREE. Parking is easy and not stressful, I arrived at about five o’clock (it started at 430) and when I left at eight there was no traffic.

It was the coldest nights of the year, so far! Food was the first thing on my mind upon arrival, I walked through checking out the booths, chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake, caramel apples, cotton candy, hot chocolate, and some barbeque. I can’t believe how much food there was!

As I walked checking out the food, there was Christmas music everywhere, local school children playing Christmas songs, even an elementary school was performing.


There were several restaurants in Town Square, I found stopped at Snuffer’s. Needing to warm up a bit, I got a delicious cheeseburger to help me to be able to capture all of the events that the Tree Lighting had to offer. Never would I have imagined all of the fun things they had to do.

People were making snowmen, other kids were sledding, there were booths set up to make your own ornament, design your own cupcake! Gee, I wish I was a kid again to really enjoy all the fun activities that Southlake had to offer.


Lots of characters were running around that night! I ran into some elves and we took a selfie, they were dressed in red and had the biggest smiles on their face! Then I ran into some very tall soldiers, they were so handsome. Snoopy put a big smile on my face and I got to rub his belly, then when I turned a corner there was Rudolph with his red nose so bright. Did you know that this is his 76th anniversary leading Santa’s sleigh! Seeing Mrs. Claus was very nice, she was sitting on a bench and I stopped and chatted with her. She encouraged me to go see Santa!
DSCN0116.JPG    DSCN0058.JPG


DSCN0059.JPG    DSCN0083.JPG

The line to Santa’s Village was kind of long, but worth the wait to have a chance to sit in the sleigh with him and get my picture taken! As I waited in line, I saw carriage rides passing by with beautiful black and white horses and the carriage all decorated up with Christmas Lights.



Finally! It was my turn to see Santa, it was so exciting! Santa with that white beard covering his face and jolly belly. I whispered to him, “I am hoping for a Pony this year.” There was a post office next to Santa’s Village where you can write your list or a letter to Santa in case you didn’t get a chance to speak with him. I filled out my list, Pony being number one on the list, followed by Barbie’s Dream House, and that new convertible car I’ve been saving up for, and dropped it in his mailbox.


Southlake was so full of joy and togetherness, it really brought out the Christmas Spirit. One of my favorite parts is the beauty that exists in Southlake Town Center, the fountains lit up with red and green to celebrate the season, the trees turning the beautiful autumn colors with Christmas lights wrapped around them.


The Christmas Tree was HUGE and decorated beautifully, lights twinkling and ornaments sparkling. I could just feel the Christmas Spirit in myself and Southlake. Then there were fireworks! It was an awesome surprise and made things just as special.


I highly recommend taking a visit to Southlake to check out the beautiful tree, the scenery, and the great stores and restaurants.

I will definitely being going again next year and bring more friends! It was so much fun and family friendly.

My only regret? Missing the carriage ride because of the long lines, but I’ll do it next year.

Overall, it was fun, easy, and a great was to spend time with your loved ones and get into the Holiday Spirit!

PS I just love this picture below.


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