Facilities by ADF Premium are an on-location, premium vehicle hire company for TV and film. They provide specialist trailers for artists and actors and also have make-up, costume, production and dining trailers. They have been on the sets of some of TV’s biggest dramas including Peaky Blinders and The Crown.

ADF operate a comprehensive range of vehicles to cater for all requirements large or small in TV or film. By carefully overseeing each production, ADF ensures a high standard of quality is achieved from both service and equipment levels.

Whilst having a large presence right here in Bordon, they also operate across Europe.


“Our friendly team is made up of skilled account managers, logistics specialists, drivers and trade specialists, who live and breathe their individual crafts within the film and television industry – and also understand the sensitive nature of the projects they are required to support”

On the set of new Netflx show Safe - ADF

On the set of new Netflx show Safe – ADF

Their on-location services, led by experienced heads of department (HODs) and base teams cater to some of the biggest blockbuster films and TV series – in these sets they will set-up and clean, undertake location checks with location teams, liaise with the production’s assistant directors (ADs) to check that each department and artiste vehicle is running as it should. They also provide on-the-ground updates by HODs, including changes to locations and schedule and drivers are in place to ferry around the stars.

Premium artist trailer - ADF

Premium artist trailer – ADF

ADF have an impressive fleet of trailers and trucks, providing services for :

  • Artists and actors
  • Make up
  • Costume
  • Production Suites
  • Dining
  • Tech Vehicles
  • Support vehicles

ADF put quality of service at the heart of all they do and their dedication has seen them rewarded with being on the sets of Netflix blockbuster The Crown, Peaky Blinders, Wolf Hall, Everest, Sherlock and Poldark; just to name a few.

With their base right here in Whitehill & Bordon, they are a flourishing company working on some of the most revered shows in the TV business and are another example of the huge pool of exciting companies and individuals working in film right here in Bordon.

One of their trailers - ADF